DevTools via flatpak apps

Flatpaks provide a level of abstraction from the host desktop system. This is ideal for security, app consistency, and app distribution. Flatpaks are built using OSTree and container technologies, so there are many "secret" features that you may not be aware of. Below are a coupel stand-out feature that developers will want to take advantage of.


One unhelpful attributes of flatpaks is that, because of the abstracted nature, development-oriented flatpaks, like VSC or Atomic IDEs, do not have immediate access to the unrestricted host terminal. However, there is an easy method around this. From those IDEs, open the integrated terminal and enter:

$ flatpak-spawn --host bash

The above command will drop you into the host's terminal! Alternativly, you can use the following on Fedora Silverblue which may be more relevate for that OS:

$ flatpak-spawn --host toolbox enter

This second command will drop you directly into your toolbox! Make sure your toolbox already exists, though! If you havent already, create your toolbox from the host terminal using "toolbox create".

Ill log more helpful hints as they come to mind.